Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is found throughout the southern half of British Columbia and is one of Canada’s strongest commercial softwoods

This species ranges in colour from light in the sapwood to yellowish-reddish-brown in the heartwood. The grain is defined and has a distinctive pattern when flat sawn. The wood is fine to medium texture, straight grain, and non-porous.

Douglas Fir has high bending strength, shear strength, and stiffness. It is a hard species and is best suited for uses where wear and tear are factors. The heartwood of Douglas Fir is moderately decay resistant.

This softwood lumber dries well and has good dimensional stability. It machines well, making it easy to work with, and is a great option for projects that require stability and strength.

Douglas Fir...

Ranges from light yellow to reddish-brown in colour
Provides exceptional strength properties
Has good fastening properties, with excellent split resistance
Retains finishes, paint, and stain well
Dries easily with little checking, warping, or splitting
Has great workability, sands smooth and machines well
Is a great option for heavy structural purposes
Has moderate decay, pest, and rot resistance
Can be worked with conventional woodworking tools