Shipping Info

I need my order delivered, what are my options?

We have two shipping options – hand unload or crane offload. Our shipping options are broken down by zone (see map) and weight, orders with a total weight over 900 kg or containing any single product over 70 kg will require crane offload. Any orders under these weight restrictions are welcome to choose our hand unload option!

Hand Unload: For orders under 900 kg or single items under 70 kg, this is your best bet. We require that someone is available to meet the driver to help unload the pieces. If you’re unable to meet the driver for delivery, please contact us with detailed drop off instructions!

Crane Offload: All heavy orders are automatically shipped with crane offload. This is to protect you and our delivery drivers from unloading heavy items! You can upgrade to crane offload for any size of order, if you would prefer that option. We package up your order and it will get dropped off at your location.

Can I pick up my order?

Once you place an order online, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your purchase and estimated pick up appointment time. Please allow 3-6 business days for your order to be completed and ready for pick up.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help!

I can’t pick up on Saturday, what should I do?

Life is busy, we get it! If Saturday doesn’t work for picking up your order, please contact us directly. We will do our best to accommodate your pick up request.

Can you deliver to a residential address?

Absolutely! There are no issues delivering to a residence. We do require that someone is available to help unload any deliveries to a home address.

How do I get to your lumber yard?

Our address is 9492 – 287th Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1L1. Please note, this is an industrial facility with forklifts and large trucks moving in and out regularly. For safety reasons we limit access to Saturday’s only. Please make an appointment with our Yard Manager if you are arranging a pick up.