Gazebo Envy

This gazebo is a work of art! A customer came to us with plans for a gazebo, we were able to provide all the materials for this project – all structural pieces are Appearance Grade Yellow Cedar timbers. We think Yellow Cedar creates a beautiful and vibrant finished product. The products that were used for…

Premium Grade vs. Appearance Grade

Premium Clear Our Premium clear grade lumber is milled from the outermost area of the log, meaning it is virtually free of any knots of defects. This grade creates a beautiful, knot-free finished product and its strength and durability ensures that your project stands the test of time. As this is a premium product, it…

Raised Beds for Vegetables – Safe for growing

This customer used Yellow Cedar 4″ x 4″ stock in Appearance Grade to build some slick heavy duty raised beds for a Vegetable Garden. Yellow Cedar is naturally preservative and will be completely safe for growing any vegetables. Don’t use Pressure Treated lumber for growing anything you may eat! This was a simple project with…

If you want to build a fence, we have the parts….

We have all the parts you need to build a beautiful Yellow Cedar fence! Start with some posts….4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″, then you need bottom rails (2″ x 6″) and then top rails (maybe 2″ x 4″) then the fence boards….dog eared 1×4″ or 1×6″….Start digging holes!  

Yellow Cedar Carving Blocks!

We can appreciate all outdoor activities, so buy a Yellow Cedar carving block, the very best specie for whittling a nice outdoor sculpture. We have a variety of sizes and shapes. These are from the trim pile of our timber division.

Premium Yellow Cedar Garden Gates

This gate will make any Garden entrance look great. This is all dowel construction from Premium Clear Yellow Cedar. Ready to hang with your own gate hardware. This can be left natural (it will turn silver) or stain with your favourite colour to match fence. Available in size 36″ wide and 48″, 60″ and 72″…

Dog Ear or Square Cut?

When it comes to fence boards you can choose several different styles. We make conventional square cut and the more traditional “dog eared” end cut. This would be for a rail fence where the “pickets” are being fastened to the rails.  

Post Caps – what style do you like?

We manufacture both Bevel and Pyramid shaped Post Caps in Yellow Cedar. It is just a style choice, they both shed the rain off the top of the post. Order specific sizes for 4×4 or 6×6 posts

Yellow Cedar makes great carving lumber

We have a customer who had a commission to carve running horses for signage. Premium Clear Yellow Cedar was the best wood for longevity and good properties for carving. These horses and rider should be “running” for a long time!

Great Back Yards!

With durable Yellow Cedar lumber you can build a relaxing retreat in your back yard. This back yard features many custom design elements. Open Lath design, Horizontal Fence design….it even has a cedar birdhouse. Let your inner designer out!