Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) is considered British Columbia’s most abundant coastal species, accounting for approximately 60% of BC’s mature coastal forests.

This species is light in colour with pink to reddish-brown colouring. It has straight, even grain with a fine texture. The wood is moderately hard with good strength properties and is somewhat resistant to decay.

Hemlock dries slowly, holds its shape, and has little tendency to checking. It machines well, sands smooth, and has excellent gluing abilities. Western Hemlock is a great species to finish with paint or stain.

Western Hemlock...

Colours range from nearly white to pale brown
Contains no pitch or resins
Has straight grain, even texture, and almost lustrous appearance
Has good strength-to-weight ratio
Is moderately resistant to decay, rot, and insects
Turns, planes, sands, and shapes well with conventional woodworking tools
Has moderate screw and nail fastening
Takes stains and finishes well
Provides excellent working and machining properties