3 Reasons Why Wood Is Good!

It is no secret that Lumber Store fully supports the use of wood in many applications. In a world where climate change is a pressing issue, we wanted to identify some of the reasons of why using wood is good!

  1. Responsibly harvested wood is the only renewable raw material. As a tree grows, it consumes carbon dioxide (CO2). When that tree is harvested the CO2 is trapped within the wood fibers for the lifetime of that piece. This process is called carbon sequestration. Wood products have the potential to store carbon indefinitely, especially as certain pieces can be refinished for another use, such as reclaimed timbers.
  2. Sustainable harvesting is good for forest health. Sustainable harvesting takes into consideration the regrowth process and the long-term well-being of the forest. This is done by considering what is left behind on a harvesting site, rather than what is taken away. For example, a sustainable harvest might leave a crop of the best trees behind to naturally reseed the area, creating strong and healthy saplings for the future. Another option for foresters is to manually plant saplings to reforest the harvested area. Both options allow for new growth to emerge and form into a healthy future stand. All of the wood on Lumber Store is sustainably harvested and certified through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Click here to view our PEFC Certificate.
  3. Wood used in buildings is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective building material. Wood construction is generally faster and cheaper than using steel or concrete. With proper maintenance, wood in buildings is long-lasting and resists damage and decay that may result from heavy use, water, or insects. In terms of safety, wood structures have features that meet or exceed the most demanding earthquake and fire safety requirements. As an example, wood structures require multiple nail connections to provide a certain amount of flexibility so there is less chance the structure will collapse during an earthquake.

With proper care and management, Canada’s forests and the forestry industry can continue to thrive for years to come. Whether your project is large or small scale, WOOD IS GOOD!